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12-29-2003, 07:59 AM
There is going to have to be big changes next year, Like the whole coaching staff let go: Tillman, Linehan,george is leaving anyways but if we fire tice then who do we bring in i think Greg Blach the defensive coordinator for the bears hes pretty good. We need a new kicker, punter, a good solid #2 wide reciever, some good damn cornerbacks, and MAYBE A NEW QB. We pay Culpepper 100million dollars and he cant read defenses to save his life. And to tell the truth i was pretty pissed, so pissed that you could of heard me 3blocks from where i live and i apoligize vikoles u told me to shut my mouth and i didnt so i feel like its kinda my fault. but ya we need big changes to come for this team before we can be playoff team.[B)]

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