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12-10-2003, 07:04 PM
Clinched Spot:

Eagles - 10-3
Rams - 10-3

Leading Division:

Vikings 8-5
Panthers 8-5

Wild card Hopefuls:

Dallas - 8-5
Seattle - 8-5
Green Bay - 7-6

Still in it:

Tampa Bay - 6-7

NO - 6-7

The only real contest is Greenbay with Seattle and Dallas. The fact that Seattle plays the Rams, and Dallas has 2 tough Division games and a game against N.O. Gives the slackers a chance, but the fact that they play the Broncos, makes that chance even more slim.

If the Vikings end with a better reccord than the Panthers, they will play who ever have the worst reccord out of Dallas and Seattle. If the Panthers have a better reccord, than the Vikings plays whichever team has the better reccord. If the Vikings win on Sunday and the Panthers lose 1 of their remaining 3 games. The the vikings would have the tie-breaker over Carolina. Carolina plays the G-men, AZ, and Detroit to close out the season.

In order for the Vikings to get a First Round Bye:
1. They could win out with St. Louis and Philly losing out.
2. If Philly loses 2 of their last 3 (Miami, Washington, and San fran) and the vikings Win out.
3. If philly loses out and the vikings win games against the bears and cards.
4. If the Rams lose to the Lion and Seahawks, The vikings win-out and outscore St. Louis by 30 pts.

I believe that the Vikings have to end with a better reccord than Dallas, Seatle, or the Packers to have a home game.

If the Packers get in the playoffs as the 6th seed (pretty much their only possibility) And the Vikings get in as the Third. Then we will play each other in Round 1. If the Vikings get in as 4th and the packers as 5th, we play each other, or Vice Versa.

The Only almost sure lock would be the Rams getting the #1 seed. Then the only way the Vikings will play them before the NFC Championship game, is if we get the 4th or 6th seed and win in the first round or get the 5th seed, win, and have the 3 seed win.

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