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12-01-2003, 11:15 AM
You can b*tch and moan all you want, but as a Viking fan I'm tired of hearing it. If you guys who are calling for Tices head are true Viking fans start talking and acting like it.

For 1 we were predicted to take almost last in every magazine this year and we are 7-5 and in 1st place, so already those people can kiss my ass.

2 - Despite a few mistakes, Daunte Culpepper is the #1 rated passer in the NFC and yest. he even ran like the one of old. Randy Moss is putting up huge #'s and is on his way to another pro-bowl year. Birk, Bmac and Liwieski have all played well this year and deserve trips to the pro-bowl. Jimmy K has been playing hurt and playing his ass off the last couple of weeks too. So we shouldn't have no complaints, maybe we don't have a solid #2 WR, but the last couple of weeks those younger guys have played well, give them sometime.

3- As far as the defense goes, I know your all going to say we can't stop anyone, and to some extent your right. But last year we couldn't get a interception or a sack if our lives depended on it, not true this year. K Williams and L. Johnstone both have over 5 sacks which is pretty good for a 3rd down specialist and a rookie. Our Dbacks I think are playing fine, You have Chavous with 8, Russell with 7 and B Williams with 5 all deserving of a pro-bowl vote. You got to think when it comes to defense we are playing alot of young guys and new off season additions, with time we will improve, to some point I think we have.

4- As for the fake field goal, it was a great chance to try something that might have gave us a spark and a lead. Eventhough we didn't convert it, I loved it because we never try s**t like that.

Like everyone I have my beefs too, like it takes to long for our screen plays to develop and we don't blitz enough or we never get good yardage on kick returns, but I don't call for the coaches head and I don't come on this board and b*tch about the team I love.

It could be worse, we could still have Dennis Green.

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