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11-30-2003, 05:01 PM
After each loss this year people have been saying that if you told them before the season the Vikes would be 6-1, 6-2, 6-4, etc. they would not expect it. Well now the Vikes are 7-5 and I honestly figured they'd be about that before the season started. So on the plus side they've met my expectations [:D]

Kidding aside, I finally got to see a game and I'm not sure how they could completely collapse in the second half. The offense looked sharp in the first half. Despite what Buck keeps saying, Pep was on target. He did a good job finding receivers and spread the ball around nicely including to Kleinsasser. The TD pass to Moss was a nice one. Michael Bennett was breaking for some big runs, Moe punched through for a score and the running game started to get going. The D was doing about as good as you could expect them to against the Rams. We were in it and I was really thinking we could pull this one off.

Just about everything sucked in the second half. No pressure on Bulger at all. Complete breakdown in protection for Culpepper, especially Little getting past Rosenthal on what seemed like every single play. Stupid penalties and costly turnovers. Botched plays, like the fake FG.

The season is far from over but I was really hoping they'd do better than this against a playoff caliber team. Playoffs or not they have a lot of work to do to improve for next year.

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