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11-24-2003, 04:27 PM
Why is it that half the posts on this board are calling for cully to
be benched in favor of GF? Let's finally put this thing to rest.

Culpepper gives us the best chance to win. He not only has the
strongest arm of the two qb's, but he's the best athlete and the best
at making something out of nothing. Granted, he sometimes doesn't see
the whole field and has a knack of turnovers; having said that I still
want pep out there running the show. With his scrambling ability and
throwing on the run, he turns plays that would be loss of yardage or
even sacks into positive plays. It was about two or three years ago
that P.Manning led the league in interceptions but he didn't have half
the media and fan scrutiny calling for his job like pep does.
Second, let's say pep struggles in a game and tice decides to pull him
for gf. What happens if frerotte comes in and plays bad. Now you've
got two qb's with fractured confidence and bruised egos and nobody to
lead the offense. Culpepper has to play through the bad games as well
as the good games. Let's not forget the guys is still young; he's only 26 years old. That first year as starter where he lit it up and
made the pro bowl were I think things we can look too in the future.
Third, he's Tice's guy. There's no way he's benching him for Frerotte. Besides he's the highest paid player on the team. Red
will not stand for that.
Peace out....[8D]

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