View Full Version : Clancy Pendergast Vikings new coach? -new staff on way?

03-12-2005, 10:43 AM
Here is some information that Vikings fans deserve to know, and what might happen.

Once Reggie Fowler takes over the Vikings, he will be watching very closely to see how Mike Tice handles the era of the Vikings.

But Fowler might not be calling the football shots. The big man behind the scenes is someone high up in the Football community, which his name will remain private could become the majority president if approved by the NFL action committee.

But either way, the Vikings will have a G.M. Rob Brzezinski who is now member of the NFL Management Council's Club Services Committee might be leaving the Vikings post to join full time, and start a board of regents for the NFL owners, and managing partners.

We know that the Fowler group will hire a G.M, and reports suggest Jason Licht will take the role. Licht has been with the Eagles, and has spoken to members of Fowler group about being the Vikings new G.M

Also the Vikings will hire a Chief Operating Officer, and they have talked to the Patriots about Andy Wasynczuk.

If Licht takes the G.M he is sure to convince the Fowler group to replace Mike Tice with Clancy Pendergast. Who is in fact good friends with 2 members of the Reggie Fowler group.

Clancy Pendergast would also mean the end of Ted Cottrell as defense coach.

03-12-2005, 10:48 AM

Why would this happen at all????