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07-18-2017, 09:14 PM
Before the season kicks off, OJ will be taking a look at the Vikings' best offensive and defensive player each game and highlighting exactly why and how they had such a good game.

Figured I'd share his work over here for you guys to help with the long, torturous offseason. Anyway, I'll post them all in this thread, so it's less obnoxious.

So far we have Week 1 and Week 2...

Vikings Offensive Player of Game 1: http://purplepain.proboards.com/thread/530/oc-vikings-offensive-player-game

Vikings Defensive Player of Game 1: http://purplepain.proboards.com/thread/529/oc-vikings-defensive-player-game


Vikings Offensive Player of Game 2: http://purplepain.proboards.com/thread/533/oc-vikings-offensive-player-game

Vikings Defensive Player of Game 2: http://purplepain.proboards.com/thread/532/oc-vikings-defensive-player-game

These pieces contain analysis, GIFs, etc. (of Diggs, Smith, and Barr ... so far)

BONUS: Vikings Opening Day Lineups Quiz (since 2010)

It's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

Link for the quiz: http://purplepain.proboards.com/thread/522/vikings-opening-day-lineups-quiz