View Full Version : Case Keenum

04-01-2017, 06:21 PM
According to NFL.com we have signed Case Keenum as a back up to Sam Bradford. However I haven't seen anything about it on the official Vikings site. :irked:


04-01-2017, 07:45 PM
Yeah, vikings.com seems to lag a bit with transaction announcements.

Did you also see the Bills have waived Scott Crichton, failed physical?

Ted Dibiase
04-02-2017, 11:48 AM
I think it's still in the "sources say" stage, so it won't be on vikings.com yet.

Great signing. Case Keenum has shown that he can win games (albeit inconsistently or he'd still be starting), and he very well may still be improving as a QB. If Heinecke wants to be the backup while Teddy is still out of commission, let him beat out Case Keenum. $2 million well spent.

04-04-2017, 03:01 AM
Agreed - he is a good back up