View Full Version : My Purple passion creation

09-22-2016, 09:05 AM
Iam a long time Vikings fan, and I like creating odd and different items. Like using a item already known , but customizing that into a Vikings representation. For example, for those who are old enough to remember the 1960's rock group, The Monkee's. They had a custom 1966 GTO made for their tv show. I have always liked that custom car.
Well, now vision that iconic car in Vikings team colors. The body painted in metallic purple, pearl white interior, and a yellow canopy roof. Call it the VIKINGS AVENGER.
I also have a combination of iconic comicbook characters Thor, the Hulk, and rock star Gene Simmons classic armoured spiked torso and dragon boots costume. If you combine parts of all these things together, you would come up with an awesome figure that represents the Vikings with passion.