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03-26-2015, 09:16 AM
I've been a Viking fan since 1972. My all-time favorite player is Francis Asbury Tarkenton. This guy retired in 1978 and held records for most pass attpts, most yardage, most TD passes, most attpts rushing and most rushing yds for a qb. He never received the praise or exposure enjoyed by Greise, Bradshaw, Staubach. Namath,etc. May be because he was on 3 losing super bowl teams. This show has done profiles on a great many former players. They seem to have done a show on everyone except Tarkenton and Al Bundy. I saw a TOP 10 feature showcasing him as the all-time best scrambler.. Hardly sufficient. Any of you guys remember Brent Musberger on the NFL Today always calling him Tarkington instead of Tarkenton?