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11-10-2014, 11:54 AM
The show airs at 8pm Tuesday evening and it's about Randy Moss. Despite the fact that Moss could be an immature jerk, and he pulled some real dumb stunts, the dude could flat out ball. He comes from the same state I live in, WV, so I was thrilled when the Vikings drafted him. I'll never forget the Dallas Thanksgiving game where he absolutely demolished them. Every Sunday was "what will he do this week?" for a highlight. Sure he had his faults as a player. Dogged it sometimes. Pouted too much. Not a great route runner. But when he brought it, he damn sure brought it. Despite those faults, in NFL history, he is second in career TDs, third in career receiving yards, and tenth in career receptions. The bummer is what he could have been had he had Rice's work ethic. I remember when Dupont HS won the WV state basketball championship. That team had Jason Williams and Moss. Some say Moss could have played in the NBA. Michael Jordan had a 48 inch vertical jump. Moss had a 51 inch! I got to see Moss play in person in an NFL game only once- in Pittsburgh. Easy to see why they called him "The Freak". He quieted Heinz down real quick with an awesome deep sideline catch but we wound up losing that one in a squeaker with Bouman at QB. CC and Moss made for a helluva tandem at receiver.

11-10-2014, 01:14 PM
The guy's problem is that he had a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Everest. Not sure why but he just could not get along especially with the media and they loved to bait him. He also never knew when to shut the hell up. Great player that had the total package except his head. I cringe to think of what this guy would have done with a level head, great teammate and awesome work ethic. He would have been even more amazing. No one could go for a ball the way Moss did. He made defenders look like highschoolers.