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09-25-2013, 09:29 PM
After seeing what bucs HC just did, I have lost more n more respect for Fraizer.

Leslie Fraizer is the softest weak boned HC I have ever seen in my life. Fraizer refuses to bench Ponder, and refuses to put pressure on the OC and DC. The reason why the Vikings are doing horrible is because we don't have a fearless leader who not only leads with compassion, but expectation. I can tell the team likes Leslie Frazier, but do they RESPECT Leslie? No. Im pretty sure no one on our staff respects ponder. Greg schiano benched Josh Freeman after an 0-3 start. Freeman who is WAY WAY WAY BETTER than ponder, and wen't 4-0 and 6-1 couple of seasons ago. Freeman can make all the throws, and can run like Ponder. Greg got on his team, got on his coaches, and put a REAL SENSE OF URGENCY in his locker room. Greg did what he had to do to put a winner on the field. Frazier has decided to just ride it out with Ponder and hope n pray that the team starts clicking. Musgrave feels no pressure to be more creative or try new things.. Alan has no pressure to scheme better and stop only using the same 5 defensive plays all game.. There is no structure, no momentum, and no leadership.

Ponder. Ponder Ponder. I lost all hope in Ponder when I saw our WR Greg Jennings on the sidelines during the browns game talking to our O-Line and WRs/TE firing up our team, and our QB sitting on the sidelines sipping gatorade. Ponder never gets in his team face! He doesnt hype the team up in the huddle, its usually peterson or a WR. Ponder never reviews plays on the sidelines after an interception. I just don't see an NFL QB let alone an NFL Leader. Ponder is a joke in the huddle, and a joke of a leader. Atleast T-Jack tried to LEAD a team, and did everything he could to be a better QB.

After we lose in London vs Pittsburg because we will so nothing new, just the same old shit. Fraizer coming out and giving the same ol bullshit lines "I seen things we can improve on" "Ive seen some positive things" "We will adjust and come back better." The wilfs have no option but to let this season go to shit.. Fire everybody.. Bring in a young cocky HC and draft a new QB preferably Marcus Mariota. Build a Winner. The vikings were discussed on ESPN. How can a team have this much young talent, and talent overall, and the greatest RB in history... AND STINK SO BAD. We could go from 2-14 this season to 14-2 the next season with a new QB and HC and new scheme.. lets just ride this fart into the wind and begin a new journey!

09-25-2013, 10:25 PM
Freeman is completing 42% of his passes this season. Far cry from our boy.

09-26-2013, 12:52 AM
Freeman missed the TEAM PHOTO. he is a young "punk" who needs to mature, THEN he will be a good QB. Ponder is missing something, there is a hole in his game that makes him VERY unsure of himself. That doubt makes him try too hard, looking down receivers and over thinking easy passes. It would not surprise me if he is a great QB later on down the road, but only if he finds a coach that knows how to fix what is broken.

I would not touch Freeman with a 10 foot pole; that kid needs some adversity to make him grown up; it wasn't the coach ultimately who removed him, it was the veteran players. I watched the coach press conference, and he was trying to explain how Freeman went from "my starting QB" to being benched in 2 days. Read between the lines... the team was more willing to play for an unproven rookie than a child that doesn't care.

09-26-2013, 10:25 AM
Steelers have Tomlin for a head coach and leader, they are 0-3. Giants have Coughlin, and the 'skins have Shanahan.
I'm fine with Frazier's demeanor, I just don't see him as the most gifted of head coaches out there. But even good coaches sometimes have losing teams.
I'm in favor of firing them all and starting over but , the sooner Musgrave and Ponder hit the road, the better.
Does anybody know who decided to hire Musgrave in the first place ?

Randy Moss
09-26-2013, 01:19 PM
I don't have any problem with Frazier's attitude or his personality or anything like that. I have a problem with his decision-making.

Same with Ponder. It's his inconsistency that could/should get him benched at some point, not his "lack of fire" or work ethic or whatever meaningless bs some people are saying.

09-26-2013, 07:48 PM
To mirror some of the others, I couldn't care less about Frazier's "demeanor". I never wanted him as our HC because I didn't think he was all that great as our DC. Further, he was part of the Childress regime, and we needed a COMPLETE separation from that debacle.

But the Wilfs, in their infinite wisdom and football knowledge, fucked that royally.

I almost cried when I heard Musgrave had been hired. His history has been deplorable...so it stood to reason that he'd turn it around here.....NOPE.

Alan Williams I'd never heard of. I wish I still hadn't. 10 years of working for Dungy doesn't make you Dungy.

We have bad coaches. It's pretty obvious. At some point, you start drawing all these connections back to our initial failure point.....

...the Wilf's.

It wasn't enough for them to OWN the franchise...they had to RUN the franchise. that's why the whole family is on the payroll:

Zygi Wilf Owner/Chairman
Mark Wilf Owner/President
Leonard Wilf Owner/Vice Chairman
Jonathan Wilf Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Initiatives

And who knows how many cousins....

By the way, Jonathan...the VP of strategic Planning and business ventures....according to his BIO of the Viking website, "He resides in New York City"...

That's one hell of a commute...

THIS is why our franchise is failing.

Mark Wilf, our team President, his bio says, "As a long-time fan of college and professional football, Wilf has been no stranger to the game or the thrill of competition. During his collegiate years, Mark served as the radio voice of Princeton Tigers football and basketball."

HOLY SHIT!!!! If you do enough podcasts, YOU TOO can run an NFL franchise......

Bottom line, this family has tried to treat this like "business"....it isn't. While there is a business side, this is still, ultimately, football. And understanding business does not equate with understanding football. Or in how to select "Football" people.

They need to either step aside, bring in football people to run the ENTIRE show, and give them the power to do so...

...or they need to be bought out.