View Full Version : Training camp

Purple Floyd
07-29-2013, 09:51 PM
So I was out of town for the opening of TC but got back home late Saturday evening and figured that Sunday would be a great day to zip over to Kato and watch TC for a day. But then I looked at the schedule and saw that they took Sunday off. Now, I know part of the CBA mandates that they take 1 day off in 7 or whatever but from a fan standpoint as well as a marketing standpoint wouldn't it make more sense to have them practice on Sunday when families have time off from work and can bring the kids in to watch and take Monday off when the fans are back at work? It seems to me that they are missing an opportunity when they do this because they are only in Kato for a short time and it is far more likely someone will be able to get there on a weekend to see them than a week day. Not really concerned for myself personally as I can take time off if I really want to but I would think families with young kids would benefit from that extra weekend day.