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Garland Greene
06-21-2012, 02:49 PM
First YEs I am still alive. I am not one to share alot but I still lthink of you as family so here it goes.

Went through a couple of bad Job transitions. One as a laoyoff one as a termination. Long story on the later one but lets just say there was a LAwyer consulted about it... Anyways Wife had been having some medical problems, but we were not sure what. So we had scheduled to HAve a CT Scan done. about a week before that she had a bunch of blood work done. When we get to the Clicnic to do the CT scan we ar etold that we cant get it done. Thinking OK 'It must be broken" as we looked confused. The Tech said "Um, your pregnant right?" Once my heart started again, And the look of hoor o on my face went away the tech said that acccording to the Blood test from last week you were indeed pregnant. Now gentleman, If you do have a ccertain proceedure done , and as hard as it is to do. It is important to get your 2 post testing done to make sure you are indeed sterile. So yes I found out teh hard way. Needless to say we went down stairs to teh OB/GYN and they did confirm that we are pregnant. So now in addition to the "unkmnown" helath issue we had this. Well after much testing we discovered that my wife has a condition known as Sojerns, whic is a sister disease to Lupus. The issue is that most women get thsi in their Mid to late 40's so there is not alot of info on treatments for women who are pregnant. So we could either treat it and risk complications for Mom and Baby or we could not treat it and risk complications for Mom and Baby. However not treating it was considered teh lesser of the 2. So thsi automatically put her in a high risk catagory. about a month later I then lost my job, which now put even more chaos and stress on everyone. This led to me getting depression. I wasn't suicidal or anything, but I was clearly not myself, Lng story Longer. I got the help I needed. We had a baby boy named Donovan (NO NOT AFTER MCNABB) and The wife is getting better as we are able to treat it and understand what that means. I also found a job that I love and We are starting to get back on our feet. We are struggling, and its hard making ends meet. I had to swollow some huge pride and get help from the County to help with Food, , money and Health insurance. but we are all healthy. The is doing the stay at home thing to avoid Day care costs so with one income we are still struggling, but I do feel blessed.

How are all of you?

06-21-2012, 05:38 PM
I'm pretty good. Nice to hear an update.

07-03-2012, 06:33 AM
Sorry to hear you had to go through all that GG. Hope everything comes out alright over time. It has to be quite a struggle right now, but it sounds like you are on your way up again. Good luck to you and yours.

BTW, SURE he wasn't named after McNabb.:)