View Full Version : Vikings more than $10 million under cap

02-21-2012, 05:53 AM

Even before cuts, Vikings more than $10 million under cap


02-21-2012, 02:27 PM
Should give us a little flexibility.

Hopefully by restructuring with Hutch or cutting him we can create even more room.

03-01-2012, 04:22 AM
A very interesting read........Thanks my friend....

Dumping guards Steve Hutchinson (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=61) ($7 million cap number for 2012) and Anthony Herrera (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=60) ($3,583,335) and cornerback Cedric Griffin (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=96) ($4.65 million) would give the Vikings another $13 million to work with even after cap hits from two of those deals. None of the three is in the long-term plans of a rebuilding team coming off a 3-13 season.

Not sure I agree with this in total. Dumping one G, yes, you can move CJ over to play that position, but not both. My guess is Hutch goes and if Herrera is deemed to high a risk based on injuries, then we will see another Vet brought in at about the same price so the savings aren't there.

As to Griff. Read any article out there and you will see that AD will probably be back, but it really takes 2 years to be 100% off of a injury like that. Why does anyone think that the same rationale can't be applied to Griff and he is coming off of two of them for cripes sake.

It would be nice if he could re-do his deal, but I think it is crazy talk to think about getting rid of him at this point.

My guess were savings will come from:

Remi Ayodele (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=243) ($3,438,333) - Guy was a slug and a poor attempt at fixing our DL (that most of you think is fine)
Antoine Winfield (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=100) ($3 million) - Great in run support when he is healthy, but the cat can't cover. Fact is, he is our worst cover corner and a waste of a roster spot. And for those who want to move him to S.....think twice. He can't stay healthy trying to be a S as a CB, why would you think he can stay healthy playing S full time?
Ryan Longwell (http://www.1500espn.com/pages/roster.php?pID=111) ($2.625 million) - He started missing easy kicks this year and still can't get it into the endzone reliably even on a shorter field.