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01-23-2012, 10:01 PM
I have no clue how much cap space we are going to have I estimate about 18mil. The way I see it is we got so many holes we should look to sign alot of guys that are a bargain.

My Top Targets by poisitions of need:


We should add someone to take some of the load from Adrian, and have a back up plan to Gerhart being that guy. Someone on the cheap...

Earnest Graham
Chester Taylor - remember how many 3rd downs this guy would convert for us. We missed that when he left, he would really help us sustain drives.
Ronnie Brown
Mewelde Moore

if all else fails bring Booker back but id really love an upgrade, dont think you need to waist a draft pick on a RB - just too many other needs...


Brandon Lloyd - i dont think anyone is gonna give him big money and we need a guy who can stretch the field on the outside think he would be a good fit on like a 3 years deal hes only 30 last 2 years he played for 1 mil a season. Id give him 3-3.5 mil a year.

Mario Manningham

Robert Meachem

I dont see us getting Bowe, Colston, V Jax, Welker, or Desean.... take them out the WR Free Agency class is pretty weak.
Probably gotta draft at least 1 WR in rnd 2 or 3


I really hope we draft Matt Kalil would be nice to add a G

Carl Nicks would be a preety sweet addition by why woudl he come here, there is gonna be a hug market for this guy if the Saints cant sign him.

If we are not gonna resign EJ there is some good value out there

David Hawthorn - This guy is a playmaker. 1.5-2 mil a year, EJ was making 5 mil.

Id also bring back ERIN HENDERSON. Maybe use a draft pick on a LB


Our cover none defense was pathetic. 'nuff said

Keep WINFIELD cut everyone else and start over.

Tracy Porter - How are the Saints gonna keep all these guys? Hes pretty good played for 1 mil a year last year probably worth maybe as much as 4-5 mil/year.

Cortland Finnegan worth 4 mil

Brandon Carr - worth 2.5 mil

Brandon Browner - Sea to Minn, Minn to Sea... its a well traveled path 3.5 mil/ year

the pool of Safties is so weak i cant see us getting much better at saftey next year unless we get lucky somehow. Maybe move Antoine Winfield back there and add more corners....

So what you guys think?

ANyone know the exact cap number we got to spend?