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11-03-2003, 05:00 PM
Well eventually saw the game last night, it was worse than i thought..

Defense, to tell the truth. I dont have a clue what we can do there...

But our offense looked total s**t i thought. Numbers dont reflect our peformance, Espically Dauntes. Our Offense is getting to be VERY predictable.. Our 3 plays.

1. Run right guard
2. Run Left End
3. Moss on a streak pattern with the other WR's running in circles knowing Daunte wont give them any consideration with the RB sitting in the flat. Result is usually Daunte dropping back without a Guy withing 5ft of him, he bounces up and down 5 times Staring at something in the rafters, if moss isnt single covered he bounces 5 more times, falls to the side and throws a 2yd pass in the flat as hes about to get hit...

All this is very well and is giving Daunte great numbers, his %'s are very good and his TD's the same..

I just cant look Past the oakland raiders right now. Teams sorted them out and locked them right down, the only reason we wont get locked down like that is Moss and his Abilty.

I havent seen Daunte drop back for 3 tics, and hit a Slant on a quick fire Release or anything yet. Daunte has been around for 4 years now, and still has no idea how to read a coverage. The coach's are fustrating him into the ground, he has no idea what hes doing it seems, hes to scared to run.. The lanes are MASSIVE. I would love to see alot more WR patterns also in our game. Ins, Outs, posts, Curls, Slants, Comebacks and Hitch's.. We dont call these plays and our Other WR's do nothing!, they dont have the chance. We dont even give Burelson a shot.. "his routes are so sharp", When does he run routes?, all our WR's routes are done by the time Daunte passes it..

I think the guys we have on offense are fine, just a Guy who can catch at TE would help i think. Espically if our offense carrys on how it is, a dump off TE would be very good.. Jimmy isnt that guy!

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