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08-12-2011, 08:14 PM
Why not THE best Vikings stadium and taxpayer deal?!

Please take a few minutes to click on and take this important peopleís stadium survey.

This survey allows you to vote on suggested new revenue solutions that can help the stadium legislative deal be a win-win for taxpayers, fans, fan investors, and the team. You can also submit your own solutions, and questions like this one:
Why canít stadium site be a big tourist attraction and guaranteed revenue return for taxpayer owners?!

Iím Thomas Harens, a fifty year Vikings fan (ouch), a former legislator and rock and roll manager (Anyone remember Limited Warranty? That really hurts), and now Director of Inventing Solutions, a public policy solutions driver. This survey begins a high profile public promotion to get answers to big and small questions. It hopefully drives peoples input and solutions toward a successful win-win special legislative session Ė because the votes are iffy as the deal stands now. AND, we are going to be promoting a statewide vote in early September to open up and push that legislative process towards success for Minnesota citizens.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your responses, opinions and questions.
Please forward the survey and letter if you like to any friends and associates you wish.
(Below are some more big questions I have.)

Thomas Harens Ė Director, Inventing Solutions

Why not more and better revenue solutions to make sure the stadium deal gets passed and works for all parties?
Why canít the stadium complex and site give a special Fan Investment Group (FIG) a return on their own entertainment spending?
Why have we not asked the Minnesota tribal casinos to build a casino on the site and split proceeds?
Why canít the stadium be the greenest complex in the country and the site the most eco friendly tourist attraction in the country?