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Purple Floyd
08-07-2011, 05:10 AM
Well, I took a few of my football players to training camp today to participate in the youth football clinic in the afternoon and then watch the team practice under the lights. Here are a few observations:

Talk about Jam Packed- I have never seen so many people at one of these practices and when we left they announced it was the biggest crowd in history. Both sides of the bleachers were full, the tents were full and the whole back end zone was full of fans. Fantastic.

As you know, McNabb is not my favorite and to be honest he doesn't look like he is in game shape. He looks pretty heavy IMHO but then again this was the first time I have seen him in the flesh so that might be his normal build. Anyway, the other observation is that he has some huge guns. Honest to god he has bigger arms than a linebacker and his release is probably the fastest I have ever seen in my life. He does have noticeably more zip on the ball than Ponder or Bomar.So how did he look? Rusty I guess but otherwise typical MCNabb. On the first 7-7 drills he had his first pass,which was an OK pass, bounce of Petersons hands and EJ intercepted it and took it to the house. The second was a sideline pass thrown behind the WR and the third he led Berrian too far. The next was a really good throw that was delivered on time and in the right place. Later when starting out on the goal line he went to hand off to Peterson but lost his balance and ran into AP similar to the collision with Jackson last season. Anyway I would say he will probably play better as he knocks the rust off and gets into shape.

Webb- Notice I put him before Ponder and there is a reason. ( I am going to preface this by saying I have no idea how Webb does in the chalkboard sessions or the rest of the camp so take this with a grain of salt) But in my seat of the pants evaluation of Webb looking for things like how the QB's react to the other skill players, how they interact with the QB's and the poise they have in the pocket and under center this kid really impressed me. All of the QB's had good throws and some they would like to have back but in just looking at the touch they had on the balls, where they are placing the balls, and the trajectory I really think he has the best passes in the group. He really reminds me of Randall Cunningham in how effortless he throws the ball and how he can put it anywhere he wants. Of course he wasn't Brady or Manning out there for sure but he really looked like the real deal out there tonight. Of course I understand it was a practice and he wasn't facing the Steel Curtain or anything.

Ponder looked like a Rookie. He had some nice throws but he also had some floaters and threw behind the WR's more times than I would like to see. At first it seemed like he was looking down his first WR and targeting them but as I watched he did look to the 2nd and 3rd options so that was encouraging. He is going to have to get his accuracy and velocity up a notch IMHO.

Hopefully I was as objective as possible in my observations of the position. They all need work and I would say it was pretty clear that they are behind compared to the other camps I have attended but that is a product of the lockout and they will have to really work to get in sync by the season opener.

Other observations:

Starting OL is unchanged from last season with the exception of Johnson, who is wearing McKinney's number 74. First observation- Loadholt is friggin HUGE. Sully still looks undersized and vulnerable to me. Other than that they played pretty good. Cook was playing 2nd string right guard for those who are interested.

Harvin got dinged up a few times and was limping around. Hopefully just a few minor dings.

Peterson is chiseled like a statue. He looks fantastic except for that pass he muffed.

Robison needs a haircut. He looks like a White Al Harris.

08-07-2011, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the update. Let's hope McNabb gets his rhythm. I'll get to see how they all do down here next week.