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03-01-2005, 11:26 PM
Tice Learning to Play the Game

Viking Update Staff - Scout.com
February 28, 2005 at 10:00am ET
If the news from the Combine has taught us anything, it's that Mike Tice is truly an NFL coach -- able to send out disinformation with the best of them.

Remember back when the Vikings drafted Bryant McKinnie ? New coach Mike Tice , in a refreshing wave of honesty, said the Vikings interests were in DT Ryan Sims -- to the point of saying if he's available at No. 7, the Vikings would take him.

What happened? Jerry Jones found this out and made a deal with the Chiefs to let them move ahead of the Vikes. What followed was a labryinth of deception coming out of Winter Park. Remember the following year? The only player the Vikings brought in for a personal workout was Jimmy Kennedy -- a player they had no intention of drafting. He was brought in as a red herring. Tice learned to mask his true intentions.

So one has to wonder what the new M.O. is at Winter Park. As vehemently as Tice denied any trade rumors concerning Randy Moss -- he did get traded and you would suspect the head coach would know about -- the Combine took it a step further.

Tice told VU and other reporters at the Indy Combine about the team's interest in running backs -- the only position the Vikings are TOO deep at. Why? Red herring. Tice has learned the art of deception and now appears to enjoy it. Don't look for the Vikings to use their No. 7 pick to take a running back. In fact, there's a growing sentiment that the Vikings will trade out of the No. 7 spot unless one or two players they believe will be gone are still on the board.

If nothing else, Tice deserves credit for puffing up the value of the No. 7 pick. His skills are getting top notch. Bravo.


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