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10-30-2003, 11:29 PM
This is to be directed at Red McCombs, as i had stood up for his comments earlier, however i thought about it and greatly wish he would read this.

Dear Red,
The comments you made to our beloved boys in purple were uncalled for. They in no way humiliated us(fans) as you claimed they did. We have loved this team for years and years, through good times and bad times, and sure we have been upset with them, what real fan wouldnt have been. We have stuck through four Super Bowl losses, a loss to the Falcons when we should have won the Super Bowl, a demolshing by the Giants the following year, and yet we still seem to love these guys. It doesnt matter who it is, but if they wear that vikings jersey we will cheer with all our hearts. Should the game end in failure, you bet we will be upset, but thats only because of the passion we have for cheering for this team.
So no Red, our team did not humiluate us, as a matter of fact we are quite proud of the turn around they have made this season, hell 6-1 isnt bad. The only thing that is embarrising about this organization is you. You come in like you are God's gift to Minnesota, yet once a losing season hits you are ready to sell, or move. Dont do that to us, many of us fans would be lost without our Vikes. I would have a hard time watching football. So please do us all a favor, sell the team to an owner who will do what is right, and this way vikings fans everywhere can enjoy this winning season we are having, rather than wondering if five years from now our team will be around. Red, in your own words, "you are humiliating this organization"

Jackson Burgau

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