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10-26-2003, 05:10 PM
I have to same I am embarrassed to show my face in public living in new jersey and the way the giants stomped all over us. Ill tell you what Tice may be up for coach of the year but in my mind he is one of the worst at calling plays in critical situations. 3rd and 20, HB DRAW no yards! throwing an out pattern an comeback to keenan howry interception. 2nd and 25, HB DRAW no yards. How can we possibly have the damn ball 3 times in our own 40 in the 4th quarter an get no GOD DAMN POINTS OUTTA IT!!! This game and the last against the Broncos that we played, I really don't think we can beat anybody the way our offense has been playing just missing over an over on opportunities. Terrible call by Tice to call a hail mary, I realize its the end of the game an he wants to score even though it doesn't matter, I would like to see the percentage of Hail Mary's compeleted. Im guessing its around 5%, IT NEVER WORKS and what that could have done is ruin Culepeppers confidence in himself. He was on top of the world wit the best rating and now he has thrown 2 ints in one game an his confidence might be back to last year. I just think it was a terrible call. Also if it wasnt for Culpepper an moe williams 2 long runs at the end we would have basically no rushing yards, Sometime you have to abandon the run Tice, an throw the ball 2 or 3 times outta 3 downs instead of getting no yards and getting one chance to make a completion

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