View Full Version : PPO Tailgate

11-30-2009, 06:16 PM
This game was my first in a long time (1980 when I was 10) And let me say it exceeded my expectations as far as this great group of members goes, My wife, son, friend and myself showed up at Noon-ish, It was about 35 degrees, I met TnT and Shock, jmcdon00, StCloud, Singer, Webby, Marstc, Sno-bum, V4L, SamOcho, Bloodyhorns, and Nuemdog, Everyone was as nice as I figured they'd be, I needed a group picture-V4L immediately made a loud announcement that "This guy traveled 6 hours to get here" Lets gather around, He took control, And everyone was more than happy to get in a big group for the shots, Thanks V. (For everything) ;)

As for the Sambucha shots, thanks to TNT, V, Webby, SamOchoCinco, and Nuemdog, Grabville?? (and his HOT girlfriend)-we took care of that bottle fast, Everyone was more than friendly, Shock, Singer, And Webby were very nice, I was kinda intimidated meeting those long timers, And had no problem letting me ramble on and on about how exciting it was to be at the game and meet everyone.

I do want to apologize for not helping break down the tents and put stuff away, I was so excited I didn't even think to help until I got inside and my son said how come we didn't help? That's not like me, normally I'm more than happy to help with anything.

Thanks for the Brats, the TV, chairs, heaters-which came in handy for sure, For V's Salaam jersey to step on, and most of all the warm welcome the people gave me and my family, Hopefully I will be at two or more game each year from now on.