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10-23-2003, 04:46 AM
Giants will have a ton of problems to deal with before they even step foot on the metrodome turf. First of all, look at all those injuries. Lot of it is on the o-line. Thats a mismatch we need to take advantage of. 3 rookies against an experienced line does not bold well with kerry collins as your qb, and rb fumbler tiki barber. I know already o'leary will have these guys ready to sack the living daylights of kerry collins and make his life horrible all day. Member now, collins doesnt do well while on the run being pressured. I can see our entire d-line licking its chops![:D]
As for the giants d, they will be -1 good cornerback. Again doesn bold well for there d when u got moss to face this week.[:0]
So then whats our biggest problems??? How bout barber breaking some long runs as we seem more prone to letting up running plays now. Giants d-line prolly is the biggest concern is this game.

But hey, i like our chances and odds of winning this game and i see us winning by a final score of 31-14. Plenty of turnovers once again by kerry collins and one by barber. vikes head to 7-0 and get ready to b****slap the slackers the following week, while favre whines about his thumb. LOL!!!!! "Got pain killers"? ROFLMFAO!

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